I Meeting of editors-in-chief and owner of Vlachian-Aromanian media, Sofia

May 25, 2004 Media for Minorities Vlachian Media 2004 disabled comments


SEEMO Dialogue Meeting between Editors-in-Chief, Media Executives, Owners and Leading Journalists of Aromanian / Vlachian media from Central and South Eastern Europe

SEEMO Dialogue SEE

SEEMO – South East Europe Media Organisation

Financial support:

Austiran Development Agency (ADA)


Sofia Princess Hotel, 131 Kniaginia Maria Luisa Blvd., Sofia 1202

Accommodation: All registered participants from outside Sofia will be accommodated from 25-27 (2 nights) in Sofia Princess Hotel (accommodation with breakfast)

Conference venue: Sofia Princess Hotel

Working language: Vlachian / Aromanian and English

25 May 2004, Tuesday

17:30 – 18:00 Registration at Sofia Princess Hotel

18:00 Opening session: Position of Minority Media in the Region by Oliver Vujovic, SEEMO Secretary General

18:15 Welcome by Ognian Zlatev, Media Development Center, Sofia

18:30 Romance groups in the Balkans – stereotypes on languages and dialects by Thede Kahl

19:15 Presentation of the participants

20:00 Dinner at the Princess Hotel

26 May 2004, Wednesday

10:00 Introduction by Oliver Vujovic and Thede Kahl (Chairmen during the conference)

10:15 General position of Aromanian / Vlachian / Vlasi media in each country – Open presentations by every participant

11:30 Coffee Break

12:00 Governments of the countries where Vlachs live should create better conditions for keeping the cultural values of this community by Spiro Poci

13:00 Lunch

14.00 The Role of Mass-Media in Promoting the Aromanian Culture in Romania by Dimitru Piceava

15.00 Financial position of existing Vlach / Aromanian media

16.00 Coffee Break

16.30 1 Position of Vlachs / Aromanian in the leading– non Vlachian / Aromanianmedia

17.30 Do we need more media on Vlachian / Aromanian language ?

18.30 Conclusions

18.45 End of the meeting

20.00 Meeting for the dinner – Hotel Lobby

20.15 Dinner at the Hadzidraganovite Kashti Restaurant (75 Kozloduj St., Sofia)