Internship / Traineeship: Press Freedom Advocacy and Fundraising

The Vienna-based South and East Europe Media Organisation (SEEMO), a network of editors, media executives and leading journalists from South East and Central Europe, is looking for interns to engage in a range of activities addressing global press freedom issues and fundraising.

Duties and responsibilities

For a period between 3 months and 1 year the intern will be responsible for a range of activities / or specific activity, including:
Advising and reporting on press freedom issues (English)
Completing administrative office tasks;
Contributing to campaigns and projects (English, German, in one of SEEMO languages)
Drafting press releases, letters of protest and reports on press freedom issues (English)
Fundraising for an NGO (English, German).
Liaising with media representatives and SEEMO members;
Organising confernces and events


Applicants should have experience in or in-depth knowledge of South East and Central Europe (politics, economics, geography, human rights), and preferably also experience in the area of fundraising. There is no degree requirement, but applicants with degrees in international relations, economics, languages, journalism, law or politics are particularly encouraged to apply. The applicants should have a home-address in Vienna or organise accommodation in Vienna for the duration of the training on their own or can apply to a long – distance internship.

Strong written and spoken English skills (to the level of native language speaker) are required, if possbile also German skills and familiarity with at least one language from South East and Central Europe (see list of SEEMO countries), would be a plus. Interviews will involve an evaluation of English speaking abilities. Potential candidates may also be asked to complete a test for purposes of evaluating their writing skills.

This is a demanding position, and requires a high degree of self-initiative and flexibility. Applicants should also have strong interpersonal and multicultural skills, and be able to work independently and meet deadlines.

How to Apply

Please send an email with your CV, a brief letter explaining your interest and suitability for the position, and a list of two references to: Oliver Vujovic, SEEMO Secretary General, E-mail:
The position will remain open until filled. Please be informed that SEEMO is unable to answer telephone queries regarding the above position.

Special note (since March 2020):

Because of  the worldwide situation with Covid19  SEEMO offers in this moment ONLY a Remote program with regular online  / email communication and including a Confirmation  / Certificate. 

Job offers

Currently SEEMO does not offer employment opportunities.