Over the past 20 years we have supported press freedom, media and journalists in more than 30 countries in South, East and Central Europe. We have developed a regional network of individuals with the desire and capacity to make a positive impact in the daily work of journalists. Journalists connected to SEEMO must accept professional and ethical standards in reporting. Our members are supporting the work of SEEMO free of charge. Additional we receive very often from students volunteer support to conduct our work.

However for some things we need donations. The money you give supports journalists who are attacked or are in jail and need legal help. You will support trainings for young journalists. With your money we buy technical equipment or other support for professional journalists who work independent and are doing a great job in fight against corruption and crime.

Every year SEEMO reports about hundreds of cases of press freedom violation. We cover travel costs and hotel accommodation for journalists who would like to participate in an event or conference.

Be our supporter!

You can be an individual supporter or your media can be a supporter! Your company or bank or institution or foundation can help press freedom and democracy.

How to support SEEMO?

1. Join our individual membership support schema:

Individual members – supporters (Fördernde Mitglieder)
Individual membership 1 year minimum 200 EUR
This level of membership includes invitations to SEEMO events, free access to online SEEMO publications, mention (if wanted) in SEEMO materials /online and a special diploma for support of SEEMO. It does not include voting rights.

2. Join our corporate support schema:

Corporate members – supporters (Fördernde Mitglieder)
Companies supporting SEEMO 1 year membership minimum 5000 EUR.
This level of membership includes the mention (if wanted) in SEEMO materials / online and a special diploma for support of SEEMO. This membership is divided into Silver, Gold and Platinum status.

3. Support SEEMO as beneficiary of your Event:

You might want to make SEEMO as beneficiary of your sponsored event. In the past people have run sport – events, hosted dinners and auctions to support our press freedom work.

4. Be SEEMO conference Supporter / Partner:

Organise with SEEMO together a conference, workshop, training, meeting…

5. Support Journalist or SEEMO with Gifts in Kind:

Perhaps rather than giving a donation, you are able to offer us gifts in kind in the form of products or services that we can give to conference participants or journalists in the SEEMO region

6. Be SEEMO General Supporter / Partner

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8. If you like to pay a direct donation please use our BUTTON:

We are committed to making sure that your money is used in the way that you want it to be used. If you have any question, please contact us: