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May 5, 2017 Pristina Media Days 2017 disabled comments

General Information

The event will address the diverse challenges facing contemporary media and journalists and provide a platform for debate and exchange of experiences. It is a multidisciplinary media event designed for students, journalists and public at large. Influential Kosovarian and international media academics, experts and journalists will deliver speeches followed by discussions.

The aim is to discuss the new phenomena arising through the developments of the digital technology and how these phenomena are affecting the work of journalists and the social changes. The focus will be on the challenges that journalists are facing on providing reporting for the digital media by respecting the professional standards. Other topics such as the transition from old to new media in SEE, the political communication, the challenges for civic participation in the public sphere, the media literacy will be dealt from the perspective of the truth and wisdom in journalism.

The discussions will be organized in form of panels of four key note speakers and one moderator. The speakers will deliver a 15-minute presentation and based on those the discussions will be developed. The presentations and the results of the conference will be published in a conference book.

Conference Venue details

University of Pristina, Faculty of Philology, Small Amphitheater
Mother Teresa Street nn.
10 000 Pristina,

About the event

The panel themes:
Panel 1:
Journalism credibility and journalism as a reference of political and societal trust?
What is happening with the professional standards in the new made age?

Panel 2:
The relationship between journalist and its audience. Is a true dialogue through the digital media possible, and how can it be successful?

Panel 3:
The transition of the Media in SEE, from “old” to “new”, the challenges and the strategies for handling the transition.

Panel 4:
The activism, clicktivism and/or slacktivism, are the new media fostering or degrading a citizen’s public sphere?

Panel 5:
The patterns of political communication in the new media age. What are the challenges for journalism regarding the weaknesses of politics? What are the challenges for politics regarding the weaknesses of structural transformation of the media?

Panel 6:
Worlds of journalism. Dealing with the past.

Panel 7:
The public television in SEE. The multiple transition, ownership, competition and the content.

Panel 8:
Opened for public discussion with the broad public (citizens): Media and young generations. Where are we going are we educating active or virtual citizens. The young generations as targeted public of new media technologies. The need for media literacy.

Panel 9:
Migration and Integration through Media.