May 4, 2024

World Press Freedom Day 2024

By Eva Maria Grabmair, SEEMO Contributor


Cooling down is what the environment urgently needs.

This is true concerning our planet as well as the climate in communication.

In the face of (natural) catastrophies and wars and in the aftermath of a pandemic it is not surprising that there is tension and many people are distrustful and „on edge“, preferring to focus only on their own side of the situation.

Just as not heeding the signs of climate change and risking ever more heat, floods and other severe consequences, it is dangerous to overlook the necessity to pay attention to and consider the other`s point of view – be it in our personal relationships, business, politics, etc. – no matter whether we agree or disagree.

Media reports present information from manifold standpoints and angles; the better and more thorough the research, the more accurate the result – both in traditional and new media. This information is a basis for dialogue and discussion.

It is up to everyone of us to have constructive – sometimes even heated – discussions or to let arguments turn into destructive wildfires.