August 10, 2014


Vienna, 10/08/2014

The South East Europe Media Organisation (SEEMO), condemns the language Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan used when referring to journalist Amberin Zaman, Economist Turkey Correspondent and working for Turkish daily Taraf. All happened after a television debate whrere Zaman asked a question to the opposition leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu.

The question caused a hateful backlash from Erdoğan, who mentioned the journalist in an election rally in the city of Malatya. The Prime Minister said: “A militant in the guise of a journalist, a shameless woman. Know your place!” he continued, “they gave you a pen and you are writing a column in a newspaper, and you insult a society that is 99 percent Muslim”.

SEEMO Secretary General Oliver Vujovic stated his concern over such incidents in Turkey that put the professional work of journalists in danger, adding that he is, along with Zaman, waiting for the apology of the prime minister.

„Amerin Zaman had been fired from Haberturk daily newspaper for her critical articles regarding the government last year, and it is unacceptable that she is now facing new threats due to her work“ Vujovic said.

„I am urging authorities in Turkey, and the Prime Minister to stop with such undemocratic practices, as well as hate speech directed towards women. All journalists are equal and they have the right to be treated without discrimination, especially when it is coming from such a high position. This is a bad example for the general public“ he added.