November 27, 2020


SERBIA, 19/09/2014
The South East Europe Media Organisation (SEEMO) stated its concern with the number of journalists attacked in Serbia over the last six years, with eighteen incidents happening in 2014 alone.

Since 2008, over 350 media workers have been attacked either verbally and through threats, or through physical attacks.

The Independent Journalist Association of Serbia (NUNS) presented an electronic database containing details of attacks on journalists, in an effort to appeal to the authorities and the public. Over the past two decades, many cases of threats, attacks and even murders of journalists have not been solved in Serbia.

SEEMO Secretary General Oliver Vujovic expressed full support for this project. “SEEMO welcomes the engagement of Serbian journalistic institutions in bringing awareness to the public, regarding the issue of attacks and threats. Media in Serbia often work in an atmosphere while fearing retaliation for what they publish. Attacks on journalist’s are a sign of unfulfilled democratic development, and authorities must take a more serious approach in resolving these cases. It is of utter importance both for the public and the journalistic profession in Serbia.”