June 20, 2012

Radomir Licina

Radomir Licina, Senior Editor,
Danas daily, Belgrade; SEEMO Board Member

Being a journalist is a rather insecure and challenging job in many parts of the world today, but Turkey undoubtedly leads the way in Europe in this respect, together with Russia and Belarus.
Depressing figures prove that Turkey is one of the most unfriendly and most difficult environments for the work of local journalists. As of June 2011, almost 60 Turkish journalists were in jail or arrested on dubious or legally ambiguous grounds! Especially alarming is the fact that among those arrested is Nedim Sener, IPI World Press Freedom Hero! Journalists and editors associated with SEEMO and IPI must, therefore, visibly display their solidarity with arrested and jailed colleagues in Turkey.
However discouraging it may appear, this grim reality has another, much brighter side. Regardless of these dispiriting conditions, the journalists in Turkey are doing their daily jobs in a very professional way, bravely and resolutely, withstanding various threats and pressures, openly or covertly.
So, if we are obliged to show solidarity and support to those not permitted to do their job, we also have to express our admiration and esteem to the multitude of unknown, courageous colleagues who fight that never-ending daily struggle.

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