January 28, 2021


Macedonia (Republic of Macedonia) FYROM, 28/04/2017
Vienna, 28 April 2017 – The South East Europe Media Organisation (SEEMO) was shocked to learn that during yesterday’s unrest in Macedonia two journalists were attacked and injured.

On 27 April, about 200 demonstrators stormed into the Parliament building in Skopje, protesting the newly elected speaker of the Assembly, who is also an ethnic Albanian. A violent brawl began, injuring several members of the opposition political party as well as two journalists, Nikola Ordevski and Dimitar Tanurov.

Ordevski, a cameraman for Makfaks news agency, was assaulted by several individuals during the brawl and later hospitalized with a concussion.

Dimitar Tanurov, reporter of the independent online news agency Meta, claims he was assaulted even after he showed his press card, and obtained several injuries but did not receive medical care. In addition, 21 journalists were threatened or outright banned from reporting at the scene on 27 April.

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