November 7, 2022

New Tendencies on the Far–Right Scene in the Western Balkans. Mainstreaming the Extreme

Workshop: 18 November 2022 Sarajevo

The research aims to analyze and map the far-right-wing groups´ development
tendencies and behavior shifts in the Western Balkans.

It targets to describe and introduce the new portfolio and face of the ultra-right wing
emerging in different forms to address broader public and potential voters. Namely, the research will take a closer look at environmental, cultural, charity and church-related activities, vigilantism, and paramilitary activities as well as cross-border activities of the groups.

Rather than providing an overview of the far right-groups in each country, the objective
is to map the phenomenon of change in the far-right wing image and tendencies across the region. This will be done through examples of particular groups and case studies of the chosen organizations.

The research will analyze possible consequences of the growing influence of the farright wing, following the shift in activities from extremist to more normative, regarding EU and NATO enlargement processes in Western Balkans.

Mr Dalibor SAVIĆ, University Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Center for Security Analysis and Prevention in Prague, Czech Republic
Mr Dimitar NIKOLOVSKI, EUROTHINK, Centre for European Strategies, North Macedonia
Mr Balša LUBARDA, Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right, Montenegro
Mr Richard STRAKA, CAMR – Center for Analysis, Monitoring and Reporting, Slovakia