April 25, 2023

25.04.2023 – International Organizations Urge Georgia’s President to Release Journalist Nika Gvaramia from Prison

A group of international human rights and press freedom organizations have written to Georgia’s President Salome Zurabishvili (სალომე ზურაბიშვილი), urging her to release journalist Nikoloz Nika Gvaramia (ნიკოლოზ [ნიკა] გვარამია) from prison. Gvaramia born 1976, a Georgian politician, businessman, and TV host who previously held the positions o First Deputy Prosecutor General and f Minister of Justice and Minister of Education and Science.

Gvaramia, founder and director of independent broadcaster Mtavari Arkhi, is serving a 3.5-year prison sentence since 16 May, 2022, for alleged abuse of office and embezzlement during his previous role as broadcaster director in one other media company . He was also fined 50,000 GEL (around 16,000 USD).

His conviction has been criticized by several international organizations and human rights groups for being politically motivated. The release of Gvaramia from prison would represent a significant step towards fulfilling Georgia’s European aspirations. According to the letter “as a presenter for Mtavari Arkhi, Gvaramia was known for his trenchant criticism of Georgia’s ruling party.”

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