July 4, 2021

Anuška Delić (2021)

Photo: Oliver Abraham)

She was taken by investigative journalism in 2006, when she was a journalist of the daily Delo, that she divorced at the end of March 2018. Until today she has acquired extensive experiences and specialized skills in investigative and data journalism, and she will continue to build on those as a the founder of Oštro, Center for investigative journalism in the Adriatic region.
She spent the year 2015 in courtrooms, because she was persecuted for allegedly publishing clasified information in stories about neo-Nazis in the ranks of the party SDS. She faced a three year prison sentence, but was eventually acquitted of all charges. In the same year she founded The MEPs Project which brought together journalists that represent all 28 EU member states. They demand the European Parliament releases data on how Membersa of the European Parliament spend their professional allowances.
She works for OCCRP as a regional editor. She is a member of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) and the network of journalists behind Forbidden Stories. For her work and that of her colleagues she received the Websi award in the media category, and the Watchdog award for exceptional achievements given by the Slovene Association of Journalists. For her work on The MEPs Project the European online media outlet Politico Europe ranked her 6th among 28 most influential Europeans in 2018.
Her heart is divided to Slovenian on her mother’s side, and Croatian on her father’s side.

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