February 4, 2019


Vienna, 4 February 2019

As the Vienna South East Europe Media Organisation (SEEMO) was informed today, reporters at N1 Belgrade received on Monday a threatening letter which said that their office would be blown up and their families murdered.

“Do you have families… you’re killing our children and grandchildren, and you’re not aware that if it comes to that, your building will be the first to be blown up, and you may even lose the ones closest to you. That’s why we, the veterans, are warning you not to play with others’ fates, because your fate is in our hands,” the letter said. The letter was signed “Belgrade Veterans of 1999 War.” The leader of the association, Zeljko Vukelic, said to N1 the organisation had nothing to do with the incident, and called on police to fully investigate the threats received by N1.

Balkan Insight reported that earlier on February 4, President Aleksandar Vučić told to Happy TV that “authorities are being attacked by N1 television 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as well as by many weekly newspapers and other media.”