July 25, 2013


Vienna, 25 July 2013

The South East Europe Media Organisation is alarmed about police violence against journalists who were covering the demonstration outside parliament in Sofia on 23 July.

Rossen Bossev, a journalist with the weekly Capital and journalist Valentin Grancharov forking for Darik radio were beaten by the police.

Kiril Haralanov of the OFFnews website was filming how police is attacking Grancharov and was beaten by another police officer.

Also Cvetan Fikov from Canal 3 was attaked.

Two bTV cameramen, Blagoi Momchilov and Dani Draganov, were attacked by policemen.

The camera of journalist Ivan Bedrov broke when it fell to the ground in a police intervention.

Journalist and blogger Ivo Bozhkov was filming the police violence and also attacked.