October 25, 2001

25/10/2001: KOSOVO – BOTA SOT

Vienna, 25 November 2001

The daily newspaper Bota Sot was sanctioned by the Election Complaints and Appeals Commission of Kosovo for a second time during the election campaign.

On 15 November, of a photograph of the political candidate Flora Brovina was publlished in Bota Sot. The photo was captioned “Do You Know the People in the Photo?” and the text of the article identified those with her as members of the Serbian secret service. The implication, according to the Election Complaints and Appeals sub-Commission, is that Brovina was complicit with the former Serbian regime.

Bota Sot is being ordered to publish an apology to Ms. Brovina. Each day that goes by without the apology being published will mean a further 1,000 DM fine, to a maximum of 10,000 DM.