June 22, 2023

22.06.2023 – TV N1 Columnist Ljubodrag Stojadinović verbally attacked in Sopot

Columnist working for TV N1 from Serbia Ljubodrag Stojadinović faced a verbal assault on 19 June 2023 in Sopot, Serbia, when an unknown individual approached him aggressively, accusing him of working for an enemy organization and labeling him as a “traitor, enemy, and foreign mercenary.”

Stojadinović told N1 that the incident occurred at the local post office in Sopot, while he was waiting with other people.

An unknown person told him: “I know who you are, you have strayed dangerously. You are an enemy, working for an enemy organization, and you were discharged from the military.” Stojadinović described the older man as arrogant and aggressive.

According to Stojadinović, while he was sending a package, the individual, continued with aggressive insults, mentioning that his children live abroad and criticizing his views on Serbia. Stojadinović stated that he does not require protection and he has not reported the incident to the police nor does he plan to do so.

Although he does not feel threatened, Stojadinović emphasized that it is an unpleasant feeling when one cannot freely move around.

Stojadinović works like a journalist since 1968 and was also professional soldier between 1970 and 1995. After a public conflict with the political and military leadership by the decision of the military disciplinary court from March 1995, he was punished by losing his service in the rank of colonel.

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