July 11, 2023

11.07.2023 – ‘Danas’ journalist Vojin Radovanović Assaulted, Criminal Complaint Filed Against Unknown Individual

On 24 June, 2023, a disturbing incident took place at a venue called “Šlep” in Belgrade, Serbia. During the incident, an unidentified individual approached Vojin Radovanović, a journalist working for the daily newspaper “Danas.” The attacker aggressively confronted Radovanović, forcefully grabbing his shoulder and pushing him, all while accusing him of being associated with a “mercenary Danas.”

According to Radovanović, the individual aggressively approached him, got in his face, and repeatedly stated that “Danas is a mercenary media outlet, and he works for a mercenary media.” After Radovanović asked him to leave, removing the hand that was grabbing his shoulder, the person pushed him and attempted to physically attack him again. However, the incident was prevented from escalating further by Radovanović’s friends and one person who was with the attacker.

The South East Europe Media Organisation (SEEMO) said in a statement that the Serbian police must urgently find the responsible for this attack. In response to the incident, legal representatives of United Media, company that owns Danas, have taken the necessary step of submitting a criminal complaint against the unidentified individual for jeopardizing the security of Vojin Radovanović. Radovanović covers political topics in the daily.

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