May 8, 2023

08.05.2023 – Assault Pančevac Newspaper Photographer: Three Men Physically Attack and Seize Catd with Photographs

Milan Šupica, a photojournalist for “Pančevac” magazine, was physically assaulted on Thursday 4 May 2023, in Pančevo after carrying out his professional duties. He was attacked by three unknown men, who verbally and then physically assaulted him, punching him several times in the chest and stealing his memory card with recorded material. The incident occurred after Šupica stopped on Jabučki put to take photos of flowers at an improvised sawmill, where he showed his press ID to a vendor who asked him why he was taking pictures. He then drove to the city center, where the three attackers followed him in their car and pulled him out of his car on St. Sava Street, threatening him and tearing his bag, which contained his camera. They then took his phone and the memory card from his camera and threw the phone and camera on the back seat of their car, while taking the memory card with them. The police have been informed and a criminal complaint has been filed for causing minor bodily harm and theft of property during the performance of professional duties.

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