March 8, 2024

08.03.2024 – SEEMO Condemns Summons of Journalist Lirim Mehmetaj in Kosovo

In a recent development, the Office of the Prosecutor in Pristina (Prishtinë), Kosovo, has responded to the public debate surrounding journalist Lirim Mehmetaj, editor-in-chief at Albanian Post (, revealing that they have acknowledged the ongoing discussions. Additionally, they have confirmed the acceptance of a private criminal complaint against Mehmetaj by the injured party, and assured the public that all actions taken regarding this matter are in line with the pursuit of legal proceedings. Furthermore, it was clarified that the Chief Prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office in Pristina, Kosovo, will assess whether there has been any overstepping of legal competencies by the prosecutor handling the case. Meanwhile, the State Prosecutor remains committed to upholding freedom of expression and other human rights guaranteed by the Constitution and the laws in force.

The controversy stems from Mehmetaj being summoned by the Basic Prosecutor’s Office in Pristina, Kosovo, for questioning as a suspect in the criminal offense of “incitement to discord and impatience,” following a complaint. Mehmetaj was expressing on 5 March 2024 via Facebook his frustration at being accused by a political party. This move has sparked concerns among various subjects, including the Association of Journalists of Kosovo (Asociacionii Gazetarëvetë Kosovës-, which described the summons as alarming for a democratic society.

Moreover, Mehmetaj has accused the authorities of allegedly selectively targeting him while ignoring alleged offenses by others, citing political bias. He alleges that the summoning process was intended to create a spectacle and has questioned the impartiality of the prosecutor’s office.

The South East Europe Media Organisation (SEEMO), strongly condemns the summons issued to journalist Lirim Mehmetaj by the Basic Prosecutor’s Office in Pristina, Kosovo allegedly for “incitement to discord and impatience.” SEEMO calls on authorities to respect the right to freedom of expression and ensure that journalists can perform their duties without fear of reprisal or harassment. We urge for a transparent and fair legal process, free from political interference.

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