June 1, 2023

01.06.2023 – Concerns Arise over the Denial of Protections for Žaklina Tatalović

Žaklina Tatalović journalist who is working for N1 media outlet from Belgrade, Serbia, said that she was the only journalist not allowed by the police to enter the protected area where accredited media teams were covering the rally in Belgrade on 26 May, 2023.

According to her, someone decided not to let her in personally. Her cameraman could enter the area for journalists, but not her. Only after nearly 40 minutes and many talks, she could enter the area for journalists. She had the accreditation paper and is a in public well known reporter.

It is clear in this case that someone from the Serbian officials wanted to block Tatalović to report from the event. SEEMO reminds that Article 4 of the Law on Public Information and Media states that “freedom of public information must not be violated through abuse of official position and public authority.”

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