1 February 2021 

Governments are taking in all countries necessary steps to stop the spread of COVID-19 and we welcome this steps.

Journalists play in this corona-time a crucial role in keeping the public informed. Free flow of news will be in the next weeks more essential than ever. We cannot accept that some governments are holding back information connected to COVID-19 or that some politicians or state authorities force media to delete and adjust stories about COVID-19. The only option in every crisis is professional reporting. It is important more than ever before to take care about the source – disinformation and conspiracies are spreading unchecked via mobile phones and in social media. 

The South East Europe Media Organisation (SEEMO) is calling on governments and leaders to respect the right of journalists to do their jobs unhindered, and also all journalists to respect professional standards in reporting.

Please inform SEEMO (Email: about any violation of press freedom also in this hard time.

According to the Covid 19 developments in Europe SEEMO decided all conferences and workshops to organise again normal starting from September 2022. Till September 2022 events will only be organized online or with smaller groups of participants in one venue  (according to Covid-19 rules and with max 250 persons) or in local hubs with max 60 participants + with live streaming online / as hybrid event. The protection and safety of conference participants, SEEMO members, SEEMO staff and speakers is our priority. From May 2021 the participation in a SEEMO event or any SEEMO public activity, independent from number of the participants, will only be possible for vaccinated (a vaccination is valid for a total of 365 days from the day you received your 2nd dose or if  no booster shot for a vaccine 25 days after the first –  we accept all type of vaccine – produced in  Europe,  USA, India, China and Russia) or tested (PCR in last 48 hours, antigen  in the past 24 hours) or recovered (for six months from the end of the Covid-19 infection,  you need a medical certificate from a doctor to prove you have recovered from the infection). Additional option is that you have a positive test for antibodies neutralising the virus- according to to the standards of the test  (this test is valid for one months from the date of testing.)

We are sorry to inform you, that because of the Covid 19 situation we had to cancel in 2020 and 2021 following events :

SEEMO regional investigative journalists conference April 2020
SEEMO SEEMF Conference in Sarajevo in October 2020
SEEMO workshop minorities, persons with disabilities and LGBT community and media in December 2020.
SEEMO press freedom workshop in Podgorica in February 2021.

We are sorry about the changes, but the health and safety of our conference participants, speakers and employees remains our top priority.

All the best in these difficult moments.
South East Europe Media Organisation (SEEMO)