Chronology of Events

April 2013


Living legend of war journalism comes to AA
16 April 2013
Andalou Agency
Patrick Chauvel will share his experiences with trainees of AA's "War Journalism Certificate Program"
ANKARA (AA) - War journalist Patrick Chauvel, one of the world's exceptional journalists, will deliver a speech at the Anadolu Agency Headquarters on Tuesday in the scope of the third session of the certificate programme and share his experiences with trainees.


AA's third term war journalism training program begins
15 April 2013
"War Journalism Certificate Program" began with participation of 22 trainees
ANKARA (AA) - Anadolu Agency's (AA) third term "War Journalism Certificate Program" began on April 15 with the participation of 22 trainees.
The 11 days long program runs in cooperation of the AA and the Turkish Police Academy in Turkish capital of Ankara.


Dink murder to hit big screen as ‘well-structured' crime flick
12 April 2013
Today’s Zaman
The movie “Hile Yolu” (The Road to Fraud) about the murder of Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink is set to hit the big screen on April 26 and one of the producers of the film promises a “well-structured crime story” to moviegoers.
Producer Hakan Alak said in an exclusive interview with Today's Zaman that the movie brings different aspects of the murder of the former Agos editor-in-chief to the fore as it tells the story of the real suspects.

German constitutional court allows Turkish journalists covering NSU case
12 April 2013
Constitutional court overruled Munich court's accreditation implementations.
German Constitutional Court decided that foreign journalists could cover the trial of National Socialist Underground (NSU) terrorist organization, and overruled a Munich court's accreditation implementations.
The court decided that enough number of Turkish journalists should cover the trial of NSU terrorist organization which had many Turkish victims.


AA's third term war journalism training program to begin on Monday
11 April 2013
Anadolu Agency's (AA) third term "War Journalism Certificate Program" will begin on April 15 with the participation of 22 trainees.
Anadolu Agency's (AA) third term "War Journalism Certificate Program" will begin on April 15 with the participation of 22 trainees.
The 11 days long program runs in cooperation of the AA and the Turkish Police Academy in Turkish capital of Ankara.

Turkish composer charged over 'blasphemous' tweets
11 April 2013
Turkish classical pianist Fazil Say performs during a concert in Ankara, 14 October 2010.
Fazıl Say is an internationally renowned classical composer, concert pianist and writer, whose orchestral pieces have been performed by the New York Philharmonic and the Berlin Symphony Orchestra, among others. A prolific composer, Say has penned a great number of orchestral works, oratorios, concertos and chamber music in a career spanning over 20 years. He has also written three books on his life and music.


Germany "wants foreign media coverage of NSU trial"
German FM Guido Westerwelle said that they wanted foreigners to closely follow NSU case to begin on April 17 in Munich
In a statement made after meeting the Turkish Ambassador in Berlin Huseyin Avni Karslioglu, Westerwelle said that Germany was a country which punished extreme rightists as a country respecting the rule of law and that they wanted foreigners to closely follow the NSU case.
Westerwelle made a call on the Munich court to find an acceptable solution in letting Turkish journalists cover the case.

Amnesty letter urges Turkey to respect freedom of expression
10 April 2013
In a letter addressed to Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç, Amnesty International has urged Turkish authorities to bring their laws in line with international human rights standards by showing their commitment to freedom of expression.
“A package of reforms before Turkey's Parliament risks being a missed opportunity to bring the country's laws in line with international human rights standards and leaves vulnerable a range of abuses including jail for just expressing an opinion,” the human rights group said in the letter, sent to Arınç on Wednesday.


Anadolu Agency website awarded
09 April 2013 14:21
Anadolu Agency's website "" was selected the favourite online news site by public vote.
Anadolu Agency's website "", renewed a year ago and began broadcasting in five languages within scope of its "Centennial Vision," was honored with "People's favourite" award in the category of news websites of 11th Golden Spider Web Awards.

Filmmakers, Police Clash in Istanbul
April 9, 2013
The Wall Street Journal
ISTANBUL–Hollywood film directors got a not-so-warm welcome from Turkish police on the weekend when they joined a protest while visiting Istanbul as guests of the city’s annual international film festival.
On Sunday, a group of acclaimed international filmmakers, including Mike Newell, Constantinos “Costa” Gavras and Marco Bechis, were met by police tear gas and water cannons when they joined some 2,000 people marching to protest against plans to replace a 90-year old Istanbul cinema with a shopping mall.

Journalist Şık kicks police panzer during Emek protest
9 April 2013
Journalist Ahmet Şık, a suspect in a coup plot case, is seen kicking a police panzer during protests over the weekend against the demolition of İstanbul's Emek Cinema in video images released by the police.
The police released the images on Tuesday.


The inclusion of journalists on the wise men commission raises questions about the code of media ethics
7 April 2013
Today’s zaman
The government has officially revealed the list of wise men who are expected to inform the Turkish public about the settlement process between the government and the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).
Among the 63 members of the wise men commission are some well-known journalists who work in Turkish media organizations.

RTÜK issues warnings to 5 TRT channels for not using smart signs
Today’s zaman
7 April 2013
The Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK) has issued warnings to five channels run by the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) for not using the classification symbols called “smart signs” which are used to protect minors from the negative effects of violence in TV programs.


Turkish newspaper will appeal German Constitutional Court
06 April 2013
Trial of NSU terrorist organization will begin on April 17 in Munich.
Avrupa Sabah newspaper will appeal Constitutional Court as it was not allowed to cover the trial of National Socialist Underground (NSU). 
Eight of the ten people who had been killed by NSU between 2000 and 2007 were Turks.
Sabah newspaper authorized famous media lawyer Prof. Ralf Hocker to file a lawsuit in Constitutional court.

Gul evaluates agenda for Turkish columnists
Turkish press
President Abdullah Gul yesterday met with Turkish columnists who accompanied him on his state visits to Latvia and Lithuania and shared his views on several issues on the agenda.
Stating that presidential visits from Turkey to these countries were very successful in many respects, President Gul said that the current trade volume with Latvia and Lithuania amounted to $300 million and $500 million respectively.


 Bianet Nominated For Reporters Without Borders Award
04 April 2013
Nominations have been announced for The Bobs 2013: Best Online Activism Award. Among 34 categories in 14 languages, bianet was nominated for Reporters Without Borders Award.
Nominations have been announced for The Bobs 2013: Best Online Activism Award. Among 34 categories in 14 languages, bianet was nominated for Reporters Without Borders Award.
This years categories included: Best Blog, Best Innovation, Best Social Activism, Reporters Without Borders, Global Media Forum, Most Creative and Original.

Turkish Radio and Television TRT and Lithuania's state run broadcaster LTR have signed a cooperation agreement on the sidelines of President Abdullah Gül's official visit to that country.
TRT was represented at the signing ceremony by Director General İbrahim Şahin.
The agreement will enable the two corporations to share and exchange programmes, playing an important role for the promotion of both countries.

TESEV report says media freedom restrictions prevalent in Turkey
4 April 2013
A recent report by a Turkish think tank has expressed concerns over restrictions on media freedom in Turkey, recommending that authorities improve laws governing the media.
The Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation (TESEV) proposed policy prescriptions for a more free and independent media in Turkey in a new report it released on Thursday. The report is part of the European Commission's 7th Framework Program, which was conducted in 14 European countries.


'Journalists, not wiretappers punished for illegal wiretapping'
3 April 2013
Today’s zaman
Aksiyon weekly Editor-in-Chief and Today's Zaman columnist Bülent Korucu has complained that while journalists and their media outlets are punished in Turkey for reporting on records of phone conversations that are illegally wiretapped, the ones who wiretap those conversations go unpunished.
According to Korucu, those who illegally wiretap individuals should be found because, otherwise, people believe the real crime is their conversations being published in the media, and thus, the real culprit is the media. Korucu's remarks came on Tuesday as he spoke, along with several other prominent journalists, to a parliamentary commission set up to investigate illegal wiretapping.


Fountain Magazine goes digital with 92nd edition
2 April 2013
The Fountain Magazine, which celebrates 20 years of publishing this year, has launched its digital edition available for iPads and Androids with its March-April issue.
The 92nd edition of the magazine features contributors from around the globe including India, Pakistan, Italy, and the United States. It starts off with an article detailing Turkish intellectual and scholar Fethullah Gülen's thoughts on life as an “abode of testing.”

Davutoglu asks Westerwelle to allocate seats for Turkish media
Turkish press
Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu had a phone call with his German counterpart Guido Westerwelle, calling on him to take necessary measures to allow Turkish media to follow the trial of the murder of eight Turks in Germany.
Davutoglu told Westerwelle that Turkey was closely following the trial and conveyed Ankara's concerns over a recent decision by a German court not to allow Turkish reporters to witness the trial.

Turkish government to meet with ‘wise people’ April 4
Hürriyet Daily News
Prime minister announces meeting with the members of ‘wise people‘ commission tomorrow, which is established to play key role in supporting the process to find a peaceful Kurdish solution
A group of wise people was being chosen from among people trusted by the public who have worked on the issue,Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said today. DHA photo
The members of the “wise people” commission, which is expected to play a central role in a public-relations offensive supporting the ongoing process to resolve the Kurdish issue, will meet with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on April 4.

A group of people attacked with sticks and stones last night commercial TV station Beyaz TV.A security guard was injured in the attack. The attack which came after a sport programme was broadcast caused a security guard in front of the building to be injured by the angry group. He was hospitalized.
A large number of police officers were called in and the TV employees shocked by the incident testified to the police.

Turkey's First Trans TV Reporter Reveals Her Story
BIA News
 02 April 2013
"Activism is not only about demonstrating on the street. It is important to show that 'others' are also capable of doing meaningful things. Therefore, I am marching with my flag in the hand," Michelle Demishevich, Turkey's first trans television reporter, told bianet.
The name "Michelle" comes from the Beatles song. Before she started to live as a woman, Michelle worked as a journalist. But she had to quit her job later on and work at several different jobs including artist assistant at night clubs, manager, administrative clerk, etc. Back then, she noticed the discrimination and started to interrogate it. This is how her journey through journalism to nightlife and activism returned to where it started - journalism.


Lawyer demands former CHP leader, prosecutor testify in OdaTV probe
Today’s zaman
1 April 2013
A lawyer for the defendants in the trial of reporters for OdaTV, an online news portal accused of being the media arm of the Ergenekon organization which prosecutors say attempted to overthrow the government, has requested that the court summon former Republican People's Party (CHP) leader Deniz Baykal and former Supreme Court of Appeals Chief Prosecutor Sabih Kanadoğlu to testify in the trial.