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Support letter from Minister of Culture of Slovenia


Pavol Mudry, founder of the Slovak news agency SITA

Herewith I declare my personal support to the International Media Center, Slovenia.  What I can offer for now is my personal experience in building, transformation and running business of private independent news agencies in the region. We have created the succesful fullfledged news agency SITA in Slovakia under really not favorable conditions. We also have participated significantly in transformations of ONASA in Sarajevo and MINA in Podgorica to agencies to international standards. I probably do not need to present my work in the media development in the CEE and SEE regions. SITA has also really good experts in media, especially news agencies developments and daily work. Names as Pavol Urban, SITA Editor-in-Chief, a experienced and skilled guy of Serb origin, (he comes from the Slovak minority enclave in Vojvodina) or Juraj Prusa, who have been active in our work in the Balkans, should be known. If this is reference good enough for the support of the Media Centar in Portoroz, we re ready to give our best to contribute to its success.


Jurij Giacomelli, President and CEO, DELO  Slovenia

  At Delo Newspaper Company we are observing with great excpectations founding and plans of International Media Center. It will certainly contribute to upgrading of journalistic quality and at the same time give our younger journalists opportunity to meet foreign colleagues and learn more about the profession.




Support letter from Minister of Culture of Slovenia


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