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March 29th 2011

Slovenian capital Ljubljana will bear a stamp of International Media Center Ljubljana (IMC). Namely, the IMC is - in cooperation with Slovenian Peace Institute and SEEMO - organizing an international round table about media laws and media situation in Europe and especially in  Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia. Apart from journalists and media representatives from the mentioned countries the organizers are expecting also experts from OSCE,European parliament and Council of Europe.

The International Media Center has been succesfully operating for the past few years and even before its official registration organized (in cooperation with SEEMO) several international media meetings in Ljubljana. The discussions were dealing with the questions like the role of radio and television as public institutions, how to organize and execute multi media services. The IMC also assisted SEEMO in choosing the Busek Award candidates in Slovenia.

When the IMC was officially registered last year it organized several wide meetings of media representatives about media situation in Slovenia, about preparations for new media law and especially on new public radio and television law regulation. The IMC also participated actively at the SEEMO conferences in Vienna and Budapest last year.
In general, the IMC has an excellent programme of seminars for this and next year. One of them will be at the end of May and will be devoted to the works of marketing executives and PR people from various countries.
At the same time a consortium of communication and media academics and long-term media professionals under the auspices of  the Universities of Vienna and Ljubljana and SEEMO is oriented also towards upgrading professional media standards through well prepared seminars and workshops
for journalists, media management and publishers from Central Europe and whole Mediterranian region (including Turkey and North African countries).

The whole region has been and still is going through a transition in politics, economy, culture and - last but not least - media. Non EU countries are showing a great interest in joining the EU or at least to cooperate with it. The IMC is an ideal place for bridging mutual interests of the EU and these countries.
Public communication plays a crucial role in whatever developments the region is undergoing by mirroring the countries progresses and failures and pointing to the directions for upcoming decisions. The media establishes the communicative links between all parts of society in one
country as well as between the countries.

For the media to play this role, public communicators of all kinds - journalists, public relations managers, public affairs consultants, company spokesman and woman, educators - are challenged to learn a set of professional skills as well as appropriate reflexive attitude of society to develop a critical understanding of what the public is and how it is built. Thus, they need to get  trained at the seminars and workshps offered by
the IMC . They need to gain an international attitude that ensures
broadening of horizons by the exchange of knowledge and ideas between people from different cultural and professional backgrounds. Until now, there has been no such institution in the region to support this transfer. The International Media Center will close this gap and provide a place to meet and learn for public communication professionals from South East Europe and beyond. The March meeting in Ljubljana will prove it.
Mitja Mersol,
President of IMC




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