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SEEMO - Founded 2000 - Defending Press Freedom in South, East and Central Europe


II South, Central and East Europe Investigative Journalism Days, Belgrade, June, 2011 (3D)

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Establishing SEEMO

On 14-15 October 2000, representatives of 23 media in South Eastern Europe agreed to form the umbrella organisation, South and East Europe Media Organisation (SEEMO), at a meeting in Zagreb, Croatia.

As agreed, SEEMO, will work "to protect and further freedom of the press and improve the standards and practises of journalism in South, Central and East Europe." The new organisation will work towards these goals by "providing a platform for debates on relevant regional issues; informing journalists and editors in the region about on-going activities in the media field; developing exchange programmes; looking for areas of cooperation between local journalist organisations; and serving as a link to international press freedom organisations." SEEMO became temporarily part of the International Press Institute (IPI) in Vienna, but worked from beginning with a own budget and also on own projects independent of IPI.

The founders decided that Oliver Vujovic, who initiated the meeting, as also founding of the organisation, should be responsible for the work of the organisation as Secretary General.

Johann Fritz, Director of the International Press Institute, welcomed the new organisation and said, "Press freedom can best be achieved when local journalists and editors join in the fight. It is a process that should begin at the grass-roots level; international organisations can support it, but not impose it from above."

"Believing that media pluralism and press freedom form the basis of any democracy, SEEMO shall be made up of editors and journalists from the region dedicated to improving the climate for freedom of expression and press freedom," said IPI Chairman Dr. Hugo Bütler, Editor-in-Chief of the Swiss daily Neue Zürcher Zeitung.

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Press freedom: - "Press act" - Slovakia
  - Attack on Journalist in Macedonia (FYROM)
  - TV Mitrovica - Kosovo
  - Death threat against journalist Drago Hedl - Croatia
  - Wave of violent attacks on journalists - Serbia
Protest letter to Prime Minister of Serbia
    Lawsuit against Vijesti - Montenegro
  - Assault against editor for the online publication Balkan Insight - Albania
  - Death threats against the journalist - Croatia
  - Support for Zeljko Peratovic - Croatia
  - Death threats against Momcilo Djorgovic, editor-in-chief of the weekly Nedeljni Telegraf - Serbia
  - Comments made by the Prime Minister of Albania, Sali Berisha, against journalists
  - Changes to Slovakia's media law
  - Police detention of Razvan Martin - Romania
  - Death threats against a group of journalists - Macedonia (FYROM)
  - Attempted murder of Ivo Pukanic - Croatia
  - Case Gruhonjic - Serbia
  - Letter of complaint sent to Koha Ditore by the European Commission (EC) - Kosovo
  - Media environment - Bosnia and Herzegovina
Protest Letters
  - Brutal attack on Dusan Miljus - Croatia
Protest Letters
  - Assault on staff members of the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) - Kosovo
  - New threats issued against Dusan Miljus - Croatia
  - Recent developments in the SEEMO region's media environment
  - Attack against Ghenadie Brega - Molodova
  - Authorities denied a group of journalists entry - Greece
  - Attack on Stefan Cvetkovic - Serbia
  - Accreditation to a Romanian correspondent - Moldova. 
  - Nationalist movements "Obraz" and "1389"
  - Legal developments that contain threats to press freedom - Moldova
  - Attack on Ognyan Stefanov, editor of the on-line news site - Bulgaria
  - Death Threats against Media Representatives - Bosnia and Herzegovina
  - Amendments to the Law on Public Service Broadcasting of Montenegro
  - Criminal proceedings against Finnish journalist Magnus Berglund in Slovenia
  - Draft Law on Personal Data Protection in Serbia
  - Violence against media representatives in Moldova
  - Recent Detainment of Journalists in Greece
  - Deadly Car Bomb Attack on Publisher of NACIONAL Weekly in Croatia
  - Assault on  Makis Nodaros, a local journalist - Greece
  - Criminal Case against Reporter journalist Biserka Karneza Cerjak - Slovenia
  - Continuous pressure exerted on Denis Latin - Croatia
Press releases: - Upcoming SEEMO Events and Publications
Awards: - Dr. Erhard Busek - SEEMO 2008 Award
  - CEI Award 2008
  - Human Rights Award 2008
  - Human Rights Photo Award 2008
Conferences:  - WAZ Media Group, Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation (KAS) and the South East Europe Media Organisation (SEEMO) invite you to the 2nd South East Europe Media Forum
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Press freedom: - Gordan Malić, a journalist at the weekly magazine Globus - Croatia
  - Press Freedom Situation in South East Europe  
  - Death threats made to Robert Valdec - Croatia
  - Pressure applied on the media - Bulgaria
  - Assassination attempt on a journalist - Serbia
  - Draft media law containing provisions damaging to press freedom - Greece
  - Law titled: "Concentration and Licensing of Media Enterprises and other Provisions" - Greece
  - Government economic pressure on the media - Albania
  - Death threats made against Stefan Cvetkovic - Serbia
  - Verbal attacks against media by government officials - Slovakia
  - Media Environment - Slovenia
  - Attack on a director of a newspaper - Montenegro
  - Death of Kasim Ciftci - Turkey
  - Physical attacks by security and police forces on journalists - Macedonia (FYROM)
  - Support for petition by Slovenian journalists
  - Press Freedom Situation in South East Europe
  - Attacks on media and journalists in Macedonia (FYROM), Serbia, Cyprus and Slovenia
  - Lawsuit against Zeljko Ivanovic and Ljubisa Mitrovic - Montenegro
Awards: - Dr. Erhard Busek - SEEMO 2007 Award
  - Human Rights Award 2007
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Press freedom: - Government pressure on journalists in Romania.
  - Assassination attempt on a journalist - Bulgaria
  - Death threats against journalists - Croatia
  - Prison sentence handed down to a journalist in Kumanovo, Republic of Macedonia - FYROM
  - Amendments to the Broadcasting Law - Serbia
  - Worsening situation for journalists in Serbia and Croatia
  - Death threats received by a journalist in Serbia
  - Arrest of the sales director at PRO TV Chisinau - Moldova
  - Attack on a journalist working for the Prisitna-based Lajm daily - Kosovo
  - Suspended jail sentence given to a Serbian journalist for criminal defamation
  - Pressures on journalists from a Chisinau-based weekly - Moldova
  - Death threats against a journalist from Bosnia - Herzegovina
  - Radio station Antena C and the local TV station Euro TV - Molodva
Awards: - Dr. Erhard Busek - SEEMO 2006 Award
  - Human Rights Award 2006
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Press freedom: - Croatian Court uphold a suspended jail sentence given to a journalist - Croatia
  - World Press Freedom Day
  - Draft Act on Radio Television Slovenia (RTV Slovenia)
  - Attack on journalists in Albania
  - Attempt by a Macedonian political party to ban Serbian music in Macedonia (Republic of Macedonia - FYROM)
  - Assassination attempt on a Kosovo journalist
  - Threats against the editor-in-chief of the Serbian daily newspaper, Danas
  - Amendments to the Broadcast Act - Serbia
  - Physical attack on a journalist in Serbia
  - Assault on sports journalist in Greece
  - IPI/SEEMO Demands Reform of Hague Tribunal's Rule 77
  - Suspended jail sentence given to a Croatian journalist
  - Death threat against the editor of the Croatian weekly, Feral Tribune
  - Attack on a journalist in Albania
  - Assault on two journalists in Greece
  - Attack on a media house in Albania
  - Death threats received by Croatian journalists
Awards: - Dr. Erhard Busek - SEEMO 2005 Award
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Press freedom: - Verbal threats directed against editors and journalists working at Hrvatske rijeci - Serbia
  - Threats received by Sasa Jadrijevic Tomas, a journalist for the Croatian daily newspaper, Slobodna Dalmacija
  - Recent media developments in Moldova
  - Threats against Defacto and Roma Information Agency (RIA) - Bulgaria
  - Treatment of a journalist working for the Belgrade daily, Danas
  - Recent media development in Greece
  - Recent developments at Teleradio Moldova (TRM)
  - Attack on two journalists from Ziua newspaper - Romania
  - Recent developments in the Romanian media
  - Court decision involving the Sofia-based daily newspaper Trud
  - Pressure exerted on Croatian journalist Helena Puljiz
  - Restrictions on the free movement of journalists in the Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)
Awards: - Human Rights Award 2004
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Press freedom: - Attack on Ninoslav Pavic - Croatia
  - Safety of journalists working for the Turkish-Cypriot newspaper AFRIKA
  - Attack on TV Vizioni Plus news-editor, Ilir Babarama - Albania
Awards: - Dr. Erhard Busek - SEEMO 2003 Award
  - Human Rights Award 2003
 Conferences: - Dialogue Meeting of Editors-in-Chief, Media Executives and leading journalists from Montenegro (over 60 editors-in-chief, media executives and leading journalists from Montengro), Podgorica, 2003
  - Dialogue Meeting of Editors-in-Chief, Media Executives and leading journalists from Serbia and Kosovo, May 2003, Ohrid (over 100 editors-in-chief, media executives and leading journalists from Belgrade and Pristina), Ohrid, 2003
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Press freedom: - TeleRadio - Moldova
  - Investigative reporter for the daily "Timisoara" missing - Romania
  - South East Europe Media Recommendation  by SEEMO
Awards: - Dr. Erhard Busek - SEEMO 2002 Award
  - Human Rights Award 2002
 Conferences: - Media and Minorities in SEE, Ljubljana 2002
  - SEEMO Board member and General Assembly, Ljubljana 2002
  - SEEMO Conference Investigaive Journalism in SEE, Ljubljana, 2002 
- SEEMO Bohmann Conference - City of Vienna, Belgrade, 2002
  - SEEMO round table "II Years of SEEMO and Press Freedom in SEE" in cooperation with Greek Embassy and Diplomatic Academy, Vienna, 2002
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Press freedom: - Draft Law on Informing the Public - Macedonia - FYROM
  - Serbian Defamation Provisions
  - Murder of Milan Pantic - Yugoslavia
  - Security of journalists in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)
  - Press freedom violations in Yugoslavia and Serbia.
  - Recent developments in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
  - Recent developments in the Republic of Slovenia
  - Safety of Ivo Pukanic, director of theleading Croatian news magazine, Nacional
  - Recent violation of press freedom in Serbia
  - Attack on Nikolle Lesi, publisher of the independent Albanian newspaper, Koha Jone
  - Electronic media in Serbia
  - Ekonomist magazin - Serbia
Press releases: - SEEMO and Journalists from the Balkan region request greater freedom of movement
Conferences: - Regional SEEMO Meeting of Journalits, Belgrade 2001
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Press freedom:

SEEMO concerned at the growing number of press freedom violations in South East Europe
SEEMO alarmed at growing number of press freedom violations in South East Europe
SEEMO welcomes Serbia commission to investigate journalist murders
SEEMO concerned at arrest of Croatia journalist
SEEMO urges Serbia mayor to drop lawsuit against newspaper


Dr. Erhard Busek - SEEMO 2012 - WINNER
Human Rights Photo Award 2012 - WINNER
CEI Award 2012 - WINNER
SEEMO Human Rights Award 2012 - WINNER


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Medijska organizacija Jugoistočne Evrope * Organizata mediale e Evropës Juglindore * Medijska organizacija za Jugovzhodno Evropo
Медиумската организација на југоисточна Европа * Organizzazione dei Media del Sud-Est Europa *
l’Organisation des médias du Sud Est de l’Europe
Délkelet-európai Médiaszervezet * Organizácia médií juhovýchodnej Európy * Organizace medií jihovýchodní Evropy * Kaakkois-Euroopan maiden mediajarjesto
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Dimosiografikos Organismos Notioanatolikis Evropis (Δημοσιογραφικός Οργανισμός Νοτιοανατολικής Ευρώπης) * Медиа Организация Юго-Восточной Европы
Медiа Органiзацiя Пiвденно-Схiдно Європи * Organizacja Medii Poludniowo-Wschodniej Europy * Cənubi-Şərqi Avropa üzrə Media Təşkilatının
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